Pioneer DJ Corporation rings in 2020 under new name, AlphaThetaAP 22EG3431W1W11 Hires Jpeg 24bit Rgb

Pioneer DJ Corporation rings in 2020 under new name, AlphaTheta

No, one of the most iconic brands in electronic music isn’t disappearing—Pioneer isn’t going anywhere. But former subsidiary brand Pioneer DJ Corporation has undergone a name change as of January 1, now known as AlphaTheta.

In 2015, Pioneer sold the majority of its DJ vertical to New York investment firm KKR & Co., causing a bit of confusion as the brands continued to separate operations over the last four years. Though, with the new brand name, AlphaTheta, the confusion doesn’t exactly end. That’s because Pioneer DJ products will continue to bear the Pioneer DJ brand name, only the corporate umbrella’s name is changing. So, AlphaTheta will continue to produce popular hardware lines like the Pioneer CDJ and DJM.

In a statement, the company further described the reason behind the name change, explaining, “Peak human experience can be enhanced with an optimal balance of creative music, superior sound technologies, and group coherence. AlphaTheta refers to the brain wave frequencies achieved in these peak states. Our vision is to use our innovative technologies to enable and enrich these peak moments.”

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