Pioneer DJ unveils new 6-channel mixerDjm V10 Main

Pioneer DJ unveils new 6-channel mixer

The gear gurus at Pioneer DJ recently unveiled their new flagship mixer, the DJM-V10.

The product features six channels with compressors, and an additional mid band on each channel for more control at the Mid-Lo and Mid-Hi frequencies. A new isolator three-band master EQ for total control of the mix and ability to reroute effects internally give an added edge to the live performance game. New FX and filters are of course added to accent the improved sound control system.

Additional features of note include dedicated LPF and HPF instead of the single nob for both, and built-in FX features: Dub Echo, Long Delay, Short Delay and Reverb to for FXs, underneath the dry audio signal and easy access to the common FXs in comparison to than the standard insert. There’s also a dual headphones option making it the ideal accessory for a back-to-back setup.

Pioneer DJ unveils new 6-channel mixerDjm V10 Rear

The unit costs $3199, and is designed more for DJs who use external hardware and want additional FX rerouting creativity.

Photo Credit: Pioneer DJ

h/t: DJ Mag

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