Pixel Terror drops first Monstercat release of the decade, ‘Bittersweet’Projekt Bez Tytułu 2 1 19

Pixel Terror drops first Monstercat release of the decade, ‘Bittersweet’

A new decade is finally upon us, and powerhouse electronic label Monstercat is already curating its soundtrack with a long-awaited release from digital bass renegades Ahrya and Bentley, otherwise known as Pixel Terror.

Pixel Terror had an absolutely massive last year, with an onslaught of releases on Monstercat and Kayzo-owned Welcome Records. Their releases spanned a variety of genres, from midtempo-inspired Amnesia to heavy dubstep track “Gun Metal.” Regardless of what genre they’re creating, their signature sound can clearly be heard, and their latest release, “Bittersweet,” is no exception.

“Bittersweet” has been sitting in the Pixel Terror ID vault for quite awhile now, regularly teasing fans in live performances and Pixel Terror’s own Pixel Terror and Pals mix series, the latest episode of which just released in early January on Soundcloud. Combining heavy dubstep sound design with an infectious melody and lighthearted vocals, “Bittersweet” is the perfect track to launch 2020.

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