Revel in the crepuscular power of longstoryshort’s latest, ‘WARFARE’ [Stream]DSC3368

Revel in the crepuscular power of longstoryshort’s latest, ‘WARFARE’ [Stream]

With a forceful flex of longstoryshort’s bass house prowess, “WARFARE” was born. Emphatic in its climatic, bass-fueled builds, “WARFARE” has a dual purpose: it arrives as an assertion that longstoryshort is still very much engaged in his intoxicating experimentation with the hybrid genre, and it too offers the first sense of what is to come on the producer’s forthcoming EP.

I wanted to capture the vibe of an old warehouse rave and that older, dirty jungle sound, but within more of a modern house realm. The build up is a little different from most songs of this style in my opinion, and that’s where that inspiration comes through the most, I think.

I want[ed] to capture the dire feeling that the old rave records had, with the aggression of today. I hope you feel it.


Lulling chords illuminate “WARFARE” with a tonal twinkle that stands in stark contrast to the crepuscular power of the track. The single is dark in aesthetic. Vaporous vocals that filter in as the cut’s arches slowly gather momentum add an affective layer to “WARFARE.” Another striking release from the enigmatic producer’s arsenal, “WARFARE” hooks longstoryshort’s streamers; there, they’ll stay, awaiting more cerebral material from the master of genre manipulation.

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