Ricky Remedy unleashes long-awaited Skrillex bootleg and festival anthemP0383wd

Ricky Remedy unleashes long-awaited Skrillex bootleg and festival anthem

Being the icon that Skrillex is, it seems that just about anything he touches becomes a hit. But even among a discography of hits exist songs that stand out above the rest, and Skrillex’s Moody Good and Trollphace collaboration “Burial” that taps Pusha T for vocals has achieved legendary status.

Remaining a festival anthem and DJ set mainstay since its release, fans will still hear some iteration of “Burial” rinsed out almost anywhere they go. Now, after over a full year of teasing in live sets, Ricky Remedy has released his trap-infused take on the original.

Created for a 100 percent Ricky Remedy set at Miami Music Week 2018, Ricky Remedy says he produced the remix in only 15 minutes, never expecting it to snowball into the festival anthem it is now. After passing it along to a few DJs to use as a secret weapon, the remix blew up and generated high-energy crowd responses. It’s no surprise crowds have been eating this edit up, as the fake-out drop creates a perfect tension DJs yearn to have in their sets.

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