Watch Diplo spin the wheel on The Price is RightDiplo

Watch Diplo spin the wheel on The Price is Right

In the week leading up to the Grammy Awards, “The Price is Right” brought in a plethora of musical guests, including Fall Out Boy, HAIM, Anderson .Paak, and EDM’s cowboy hat-toting dad, Diplo.

Drew Carey called Thomas Wesley up to the stage, and the producer sprinted up to meet the host, making his mark by sporting a tie-dyed shirt displaying the words “Drew Carey is my favorite DJ.” Diplo couldn’t stop dancing as Carey introduced him to the crowd, and a later clip shows both of them taking turns spinning the wheel.

In the wheel clip, Diplo says hi to his mom, dad, cats, and chickens as the wheel slows down and eventually lands on 70. Carey follows it up by spinning a 90 and yelling “BAM!”

Check out Diplo’s ever-present dance moves in the tweets below.

Photo credit: Willy Sanjuan

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