Apple’s over-ear headphones are potentially nearing launchApple Headphones Mockup Photo Credit Curved

Apple’s over-ear headphones are potentially nearing launch

Placeholder listings in Target’s database have prompted speculation that Apple‘s over-ear headphones will soon hit the market. Originally reported by YouTube personality, Jon Prosser, three new SKUs for “Apple AirPods (X Generation)” have newly appeared in Target’s stock at a price of $399. Three different SKU numbers that share the same product name suggest that the item will be available in three colors, Prosser said.

Placeholder listings are typically accurate in price—although not in product name—and often signal that the item will be available to ship within the month, and sometimes, within the week, according to apple insider. The price has led some to conclude that the Apple AirPods (X Generation) will be Apple’s first pair of branded, over-ear hardware released under the Apple insignia. Although Apple owns and operates Beats, to date, it has only launched over-ear headphones under the Beats brand.

Over-ear Apple headphones have been a point of fixation for the media since early 2018, when Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, and Bloomberg announced that the headphones would be available before 2018’s year end. Bloomberg later wrote that production had been delayed in the wake of “developmental challenges.” In January 2020, Kuo projected that Apple would debut a pair of Bluetooth headphones in early 2020.

H/T: The Verge Photo Credit: Curved (Mockup of Apple over-ear headphones)

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