Arty keeps it euphoric with new Armada single, ‘You’re Not Alone’Arty Photo Credit Matt Clausen Photography

Arty keeps it euphoric with new Armada single, ‘You’re Not Alone’

Arty closed out the first month of the new decade with a new single. The Russian producer has teamed up with Los Angeles-based vocalist Griff Clawson for “You’re Not Alone,” and the feel-good release is the perfect track to get listeners through the remaining winter months with its upbeat melody and optimistic lyrics.

“You’re Not Alone” sees Arty fluctuate between instrumental and electronic production elements. Piano serves as the backdrop in the introduction, and it yields to acoustic guitar strumming before the drop takes over and Clawsons’s vocals fade to the background. The artist then layers euphoric and progressive themes into an upbeat drop, taking the energy of the track up a notch.

Arty speaks in an official release about the meaning of the song, saying, “It’s easy to feel like wanting to shut down in our socially anxious world where appearances are prioritized and mental health is an afterthought. ‘You’re Not Alone’ is about reminding people that feelings are temporary and who you’ve grown to be on the inside matters most. It’s hard to escape feelings of loneliness and depression; this song is here to encourage that there’s more than darkness in this world, and to never give up.”

“You’re Not Alone” is out now via Armada Music.

Photo credit: Matt Clausen Photography

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