ATTLAS’ debut LP arrives, stream ‘Lavender God’ATTLAS Presskit

ATTLAS’ debut LP arrives, stream ‘Lavender God’

The lead up to ATTLAS‘ debut album has been virtually spotless. The longtime mau5trap member released a pair of contorting, psychedelic visualizers to compliment lead singles “Sinner Complicated” and “Hotel.” The remarkably nuanced tracks (along with ATTLAS’ preceding body of work) sparked high hopes for the LP’s release. Lavender God is here in full, and the Canadian producer has certainly lived up to the lofty expectations placed on him.

Lavender God‘s tracks take their time, never rushing through a musical idea too quickly. The album is largely instrumental, though it features vocals from MAYLYN and The Naked and Famous‘ Alisa Xayalith. ATTLAS’ commitment to pensive atmospheres makes the eventual payoffs much stronger. For example, “Sinner Complicated”‘s pulsing rhythms hit home harder following the lackadaisical and effervescent melodies intertwined throughout “November.” Overall, Lavender God‘s emotive production portrays a powerful cinematic and momentous tone throughout. Despite it being his debut full-length release, it demonstrates concise veteran craftsmanship.

ATTLAS described the ideas behind Lavender God in a press release:

“[The album is me] trying to learn who I am and tell my story through music, which has given me so much and has been a home for me: a place to create, a shelter from the storm, and a launch pad into the greatest adventure of my life.”

Photo Credit: Christina Boemio

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