Bibi Bourelly and Jean Deaux join TOKiMONSTA for third single off ‘Oasis Noctorno’Tokimonsta One Day Credit Maria Jose Govea

Bibi Bourelly and Jean Deaux join TOKiMONSTA for third single off ‘Oasis Noctorno’

March 20 marks the much-anticipated release day for TOKiMONSTA‘s upcoming album, Oasis Noctorno. With a month to spare before the full unveiling, fans have been given one more taste of what’s to come. “One Day” taps the talents of Def Jam singer Bibi Bourelly and Chicago artist Jean Deaux, who come together in an empowering embrace.

Tokimonsta explains of the song’s inspiration:

“Buried deep inside us is the will to overcome the most difficult hardships. As women, Bibi Bourelly, Jean Deaux, and I know how strong you have to be to push forward when no one believes in you. ‘One Day’ is dedicated to every person of every creed feeling life’s hardships, but not losing themselves to it. Our drive and our determination will guide us to the faint light at the end of the tunnel.”

“One Day” reflects this sentiment. Bibi and Jean’s verses tell a story of reaching victory after facing doubt from the world around them, whilst the accompanying guitar progressions and subtle synth harmonies intertwine into a strong instrumental bass that uplifts while keeping the vocals at center stage. An inspiring crossover hit, indeed.

Oasis Noctorno is TOKiMONSTA’s fourth album expedition, following 2017’s triumphant Lune Rouge. This latest endeavor sees a return to Coachella by the artist, in addition to an expansive North American tour.

Photo credit: Maria Jose Govea

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