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BIJOU – Benjamins ft. Wifisfuneral [Stream]

House music and rap share many of the same cultural influences, and this newer wave of raucous, bass-heavy house (commonly branded as G-House) is a true indicator of this fact. When the two genres are properly combined, the rhythms of both align in a cohesive fashion that simultaneously accentuates their differences and similarities.

BIJOU is an artist who can combine rap and house with verve, and he has done quite literally on his latest track “Benjamins” featuring burgeoning NYC rapper, Wifisfuneral. This collaboration represents a moment of pride for BIJOU, and he shared a heartfelt quote about the track—recommended for reading ahead of the stream:

Being a Wifisfuneral fan since his early days & a huge fan of South Florida rappers in general, it had been a dream of mine to work with such a talented artist. I’d envisioned this style of track for a few years now. Something raw, heavy, and true to both of our sounds. A record that was truly a hybrid between the world of Hip Hop and House. Benjamins came together quickly, as I had already finished the instrumental and felt his voice would be the perfect pair for this record. We sent it out and as soon as I got the vocals back I knew this was exactly what it needed. Big shout out to him and his team, stoked to get this one out!

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