Disclosure continue comeback with new single: ‘Ecstasy’Disclosure Live Credit The Grammys 1

Disclosure continue comeback with new single: ‘Ecstasy’

Disclosure stole music headlines in the early morning hours of Monday, February 24, announcing on their Instagram that a new live mix—and music—was en route. While they were clear on details around streaming the “Kitchen Mix,” something else passed slyly under-the-radar: the first single off their forthcoming third album, “Ecstasy.” The single was first announced by Zel McCarthy on Twitter and rolled out through Tidal, but has since made its way onto other DSPs.

“Ecstasy” is an instant anthem true to its name; Disclosure have gone back to their deep house roots here, assembling classic stabs, bright synth riffs, and a hint of funk and disco into a four-to-the-floor arrangement built for the afterhours. It was also showcased in their live streamed “Kitchen Mix.” It will be interesting to see what other sonic directions the duo will take with their third LP after such a resetting hiatus.

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