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Elements Festival launches interest group camping concept, Vibe Villages, for 2020 iteration

With the introduction of its brand new interest-based camping areas, The Vibe Villages, for its 2020 iteration, Elements Festival located in Lakewood, Pennsylvania will offer an unprecedentedly intimate camping experience. The Vibe Villages will be situated in camping areas used in previous installments of Elements and will additionally expand to new parts of the festival grounds. Intended to give attendees the opportunity to find and connect with fellow festival goers who share the same interests, the seven Vibe Villages that will debut at Elements 2020 will serve as specialized, limited capacity communities.

The 7 Vibe Villages, as described by Elements Festival organizers:

Earth Village: A space for those who worship the rumbling vibrations of heavy bass, inspired by and near the Earth Stage.

Water Village: A space for those who want to let loose and be their goofiest selves, all while frolicking under the sun, inspired by and near the Water Stage.

Fire Village: A space for those who like to turn up the heat and live a life with no rules, inspired by and near the Fire Stage.

Air Village: An inclusive space led by the matrons of the forest, perfect for those seeking tranquil vibes, inspired by the Air Stage.

The Bazaar: A space for those who dress to stand out, living life as a performance piece.

Center Camp: A space for those who live to festival and thrive on the energy and excitement of being in the middle of it all.

The Backwoods: A space for those looking to chill out and recharge from the day’s adventures in a restorative camping experience.

In addition to the Vibe Villages, Elements will also launch Theme Camps. Consisting of eight or more attendees who would like to camp together, theme campers are encouraged to do something unique to set themselves apart from other festival goers. For example, campers might wear costumes, set up a renegade stage, or decorate their camps.

To establish a Theme Camp, one ticket holder from the intended camp can apply to be a Theme Camp Leader. Once the Theme Camp application is reviewed and accepted, the Leader will receive a private link that they can use to invite their friends to join the camp at $25 per person. The money will be used to directly fund each Village’s utilities and amenities.

Elements Festival has over 100 acres of unique campgrounds located in Lakewood, PA. An environment that is not replicated at any other festival given its diverse landscape — from water, to forests, to open air fields. It is accessible to all major metro areas of the Northeast, based just over two hours outside of New York City.

With a lineup topped by Diplo, Bonobo, Chris Lake, Claude VonStroke, Four Tet, and more, the music and arts festival will return to Lakewood, Pennsylvania from May 22 – 25. Tickets are available online, and more information is available on the event’s official website.

Elements Festival launches interest group camping concept, Vibe Villages, for 2020 iteration01 Siteguide 3

Photo credit: Julian Cassady

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