‘Enormous: The Gorge Story’ depicts history of legendary venue [Watch]Bass 3

‘Enormous: The Gorge Story’ depicts history of legendary venue [Watch]

Few venues have catered to the musical history of the United States like The Gorge Amphitheater. Originally opening in 1986, this venue and the vast scenic landscape that circumvents it, have hosted hundreds of legendary performances.

Fans of dance music will know it as the home of Bass Canyon, Paradiso, or the broadcast center for Above & Beyond‘s celebration of ABGT episode 250.

But its history goes so much further than dance music, which is made abundantly clear by the new trailer for the tell-all documentary on the Gorge entitled “Enormous: The Gorge Story.”

Other than a collection of people who were involved with the venue since the beginning, the trailer features three rock idols who have all had incredible experiences playing The Gorge: Dave Matthews, Steve Miller, and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam.

In the brief moments the three of them are on screen in the trailer, they share authentic praise for the venue and how it’s affected them as musicians throughout their extensive careers.

“Enormous: The Gorge Story” will be in theaters for one night only on April 28, 2020. Get tickets now at the official website of the film.

Photo courtesy of Bass Canyon

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