FIGHT CLVB and Good Times Ahead issue an invitation to the dance floor with ‘BMB’ [Stream]Photo Feb 21 21 05 50

FIGHT CLVB and Good Times Ahead issue an invitation to the dance floor with ‘BMB’ [Stream]

The expression goes “three’s company,” but clearly, four’s a party. That’s precisely what FIGHT CLVB and Good Times Ahead‘s newly minted collaboration, “BMB,” affirms. The respective production pairs’ flavorful sonic styles converge on the energetic effort, which marks the first release of 2020 for both FIGHT CLVB and Good Times Ahead.

The Moombahton influence that has colored FIGHT CLVB’s catalog, including their debut album, July 2019’s RVMBLE IN THE JVNGLE, translates to “BMB,” threading the cut with hip-shaking appeal. The hefty bass hand that Good Times Ahead have characteristically played throughout their career similarly extends to “BMB.”

A record with a strong bass backbone, “BMB” is full of developmental twists and turns, exhilarating plot twists. The racing bpm and elastic beat structure are spry at the beginning, but eventually–and unexpectedly–slow to a sauntering speed. The thrill of “BMB”? Assuredly, it is FIGHT CLVB and Good Times Ahead’s tantalizing re-establishment of the former quick pace. The intensity of this reversion is augmented by a galvanizing whistle sample and a looping vocal.

“BMB” is a call to action: get on the dance floor and get moving, there’s body work to be done. Streamers can expect the single to be a hype-inducing inclusion of both production duo’s live sets this season, given that “BMB” is destined to catalyze chaos in the crowd.

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