First Listen: Christian Löffler  introduces ‘Noah’ as final single in lead-up to new LPLofflerNoah

First Listen: Christian Löffler introduces ‘Noah’ as final single in lead-up to new LP

Christian Löffler serves up the third and final single from his forthcoming album, Lys, tying up the appetizers with the warm and comforting “Noah” before plating next month’s main course.

There’s a sense that because electronic music is often meant to be played loud, all of its elements should be as well. Löffler argues to the contrary, using his delicate touch not just to create space within the slow trot of “Noah,” but to fill it with a thin veil of sonic haze. What at first feels chilling, with dripping strings and whirring synths, ends up just cozy enough, as the purring bass wraps the track like a thick blanket on a cold night. While old favorites like “Mt. Grace” and “A Hundred Lights” helped establish the German technician’s reputation on a minimalistic approach to house and techno, Löffler’s newest efforts show a fuller use of his musical prowess, reinventing a sound that already leaned introspective into something much more personal.

To further emphasize the personal nature of Christian’s upcoming Lys, every track on the album will be paired with a painting done by Löffler himself. See above for “Noah’s” piece. In a scene full of tastemakers and dancefloor destroyers, it’s refreshing to hear (and see) someone producing from the heart.

Lys is out March 20th on Christian Löffler’s own Ki Records. Listen to “Noah” and the album’s other two singles below.

Photo credit: Christian Löffler

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