First Listen: Moody Good revisits one of his best on new ear-splitting ‘Hotplate’ VIP [Stream]Moody Good 7

First Listen: Moody Good revisits one of his best on new ear-splitting ‘Hotplate’ VIP [Stream]

Ah, 2014—the height of the global EDM boom.

Bassheads will remember this time fondly as Skrillex was spearheading a massive stateside bass movement with his fledging OWSLA imprint. At the time, one such OWSLA signee, UK low-end deity Moody Good, had produced a monstrous hip-hop crossover cut, “Hot Plate” that instantly started making the rounds in DJ sets. Nearly overnight, the track became a certified dubstep anthem, meshing bulldozing breaks with fiery bars from rapper-turned-gamer Knytro. Now, six years after “Hot Plate’s” initial release, Moody Good is circling back with an ear-splitting new VIP mix, breathing new life into one of his biggest tracks to date.

A head-and-shoulders standout from Moody Good’s self-titled debut LP, “Hot Plate” was a brazenly unapologetic intro to Eddie Jeffreys’ new venture following the dissolution of his former group, 16bit. Knytro’s aggressive delivery and Moody Good’s jaw-clenching backdrop made it one of the most in-demand bass cuts of the year, and now, Jeffreys’ is back with more elbow-throwing madness on his solo take. Keeping the majority of the track’s structure in place, Moody ups the ante, lacing Knytro’s rhymes with battering reconfigured breaks. Building the remix around a healthy dose of nostalgia, Moody Good revisits one of his finest, fiercest works to date with an impressively fresh perspective. Listen below.

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