Franky Nuts – Time Is Running OutPress Pic Franky Nuts

Franky Nuts – Time Is Running Out

Franky Nuts has been slowly building up his name in the international bass scene. The young producer straight out of the Netherlands exploded onto the circuit with a unique musicality and style that combines powerful vocal harmonies with menacing bass in a damn near deadly combination. Following up his most recent collab with fellow bass phenom, Jauz, Franky Nuts continues his streak of smashes with a new solo output “Time is Running Out.” Released on Circus Records, this new single puts Franky’s signature style on display. It’s a no frills, cacophony of larger than life top lines with ribcage rattling basslines that ebb between the darkness and the light. Oneof the most exciting new talents in the melodic dubstep genre, Franky Nuts is poised to leave a lasting mark on the first year of the new decade.