Lil Texas and Kayzo wreak havoc on hardcore ‘Rules of the Game’ [Stream]Kayzo 2017 Cr Bryan Perez Billboard 1548 E1600395877950

Lil Texas and Kayzo wreak havoc on hardcore ‘Rules of the Game’ [Stream]

Hard dance music typically lands somewhere in the 150 – 170 BPM range, unless, of course, your name is Lil Texas. In which case these are rookie numbers. Forever pushing the limits of tempo, Lil Texas has teamed up with Kayzo on “Rules of the Game,” an exciting, insanely high-energy track that highlights both artists’ distinct production styles.

Lil Texas had a massive 2019—the worldwide demand for his unique take on hardcore genres saw him crushing clubs from Shanghai, China, to Krakow, Poland, with so many in between. Capitalizing on this momentum and bursting into 2020, “Rules of the Game” is a prime example of Lil Texas’ energy heading into the year. Equally as impressive on the new collaborative cut, Welcome Records label head Kayzo switches things up with a menacing drum ‘n’ bass break packed with interspersed electric guitar riffs. “Rules of the Game” is an experience to say the least, and is already on course to being one of the most volatile tracks of the year.

Featured image: Bryan Perez

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