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Listen to new faux Travis Scott song created with AI, Travis Bott

If you’re not entirely convinced we’re living in a Black Mirror episode yet, this next bit should win you over. Digital agency space150 has concieved a new song created entirely by artificial intelligence, modeled after rap icon Travis Scott‘s signature sound.

The company spent two weeks inputting lyrics into a text generator model, allowing the AI to learn Travis Scott’s aural likeness. The end result, a virtually authentic sounding Travis Scott song titled “Jack Park Canny Dope Man,” contains fan-favorite vocal ad-libs “It’s Lit” and “Straight Up,” and boasts an excessive usage of autotune.

Space150’s executive creative director Ned Lampert said, “We were sort of fascinated with like, ‘What if we tried to make a song—like an actual good song—by using AI and basically creative directing AI?’ And so we chose Travis Scott just because he is just such a unique artist and he has a unique sound and everything sort of has an aesthetic to it, both audibly and visually.”

Check out the full dystopian display below:

TravisBott Jack Park Canny Dope Man [Official] from space150 on Vimeo.

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