LUVRS are at it again with funk house single, ‘Wanna Know’LUVRS E1576075889875

LUVRS are at it again with funk house single, ‘Wanna Know’

LUVRS have hit again with the second release, “Wanna Know,” from their upcoming self-titled debut EP. The electro funk house heater features an infectious melody that pulls listeners into the track’s hypnotic ambiance. The guitar riffs immediately introduce the funk, bouncing along with JAFÉ’s soulful twist. With a soothing crescendo, the song falls on house percussion with a cooling guitar melody dancing along a dainty keys melody.

The suave Brooklyn-based duo is made up of JAFÉ and DeModa, who worked together as solo artists on their collaboration, “Her(e).” Their debut project under the LUVRS tie-up, “Lady,” was released late last year, impressing the blogosphere with its tightly knit indie funk house aura. JAFÉ’S soul cadence and multi-instrumentalist groove combine with DeModa’s swinging indie electro allure, as seen on his “Downtown Glow” track, featuring the smokey vocals of Slow Shudder.

Photo credit: Ekaterina Murphy, Gavin Eastlack

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