Moog to release updated version of its iconic vocoder658423744

Moog to release updated version of its iconic vocoder

Moog has resumed production of its iconic, 16 Channel Vocoder, first introduced in 1978. Following its debut in the late 70s, the hardware was swiftly embraced by musicians as a means to transform synthesizers, electronically encode sound, and transmute vocals.

Although the Vocoder will get an update in Moog’s 2020 rerelease, its purpose will remain the same. The new Vocoder includes 16 frequency bands from 50Hz to 5,080 Hz, external patching, and a sample and hold feature that allows users to lock specific tones. Moog has yet to set a price for the piece, but offered potential buyers a first glimpse of the Vocoder in a new promotional video that shows Moses Sumney performing with the model. A market launch date is forthcoming.

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