Nero’s Joseph Ray puts techno twist on Yotto’s ‘Nova’ [Stream]Joe Ray 2017 Billboard 1548

Nero’s Joseph Ray puts techno twist on Yotto’s ‘Nova’ [Stream]

While the electro-rock trio NERO remain mostly dormant (as they have since 2015) the individual members are enjoying the opportunity to expand their catalogs into unexplored territory.

Two of the members, Dan Stevens and Alana Watson, have remained in close proximity, churning out a pair of space-funk records under their new project, The Night.

The third member, Joseph Ray, is off on a dancefloor adventure taking the dastardly overtones he mastered as part of NERO and applying them to four-on-the-floor beats.

In the past year, Ray put out a solo EP on Anjunadeep entitled Room1.5/Chem-X, and most recently made his mark on Yotto‘s progressive, minimal experiment, Nova. Conjoined by the same sweeping, melodic breakdowns, Ray’s version of the track takes provides a backdrop of darkness rather than light as the original does.

Photo courtesy of Joe Ray

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