Tom Staar & Jack Back produce a ‘Body Beat’David Guetta Jack Back

Tom Staar & Jack Back produce a ‘Body Beat’

Whats the point of making house music if there’s no fun in the process? Tom Staar and Jack Back (a.k.a. David Guetta) certainly sound like they had a ball crafting their latest collaboration. “Body Beat” is a lively club track comprised of a bouyant house beat and Afro-inspired production elements, with a silly vocal sample sprinkled on top. It’s simple, it’s catchy, and it captures the essence of what makes house music so popular.

“Body Beat” is released via Toolroom Records, the omnipresent label headed up by Mark Knight. The release closely follows the news of Toolroom Academy’s launch, as well as Knight’s latest track Mona Lisa. It appears as though the imprint is pulling out all the stops for the new decade.

Photo Credit: Rukes

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