Touring artists from the EU will now need work visas for UK gigsArcadia Spider Glastonbury Charlie Raven

Touring artists from the EU will now need work visas for UK gigs

Brexit‘s ripple effects have already catalyzed a foreseeably large change in the European music industry with new visa rulings. According to a policy paper from Britain’s governmental Home Office, all touring artists from the European Union will now need visas to perform in the country. The policy will kick in at the top of 2021, and encompasses all facets of artistic participation spanning from auditions, to workshops, to cultural events. It also points to equal arrangements on the side of the EU.

Among the new requirements, which include extra budgeting alone for the visa, performers and their teams must each have at least £1,000 in savings at least 90 days before applying to prove they can support themselves during their time in the UK. There are exceptions to this rule, however, if the artist in question is granted an “A-level” approval. Word remains as to whether or not these extra costs will eventually trickle down to promoters and fans in the form of higher artist fees and ticket prices.

The Society for Musicians has since begun banding together people in the artist to protest this new policy. Its director, Deborah Annetts, shared the following statement:

“We are deeply disappointed that free movement for musicians and other artists from the EU has been ruled out and we would ask the UK Government to reconsider our call for a two-year, multi-entry visa.”


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