AMTRAC taps Alex Metric for lighthearted ‘So Afraid’AMTRAC Photo Credit Grant Spanier

AMTRAC taps Alex Metric for lighthearted ‘So Afraid’

Singles from AMTRAC‘s upcoming LP have been steadily trickling out, giving fans a glimpse of what they can expect from the producer’s full-length body of work since 2011’s Came Along.

AMTRAC only just recently announced the release date for his sophomore LP, Oddyssey, which will be out via is own Openers label and RCA Records on April 3. The American producer kicked the album off at the end of 2019 with the energetic “Between The Lines” and followed it up with tracks like “Radical” and “Accountable” in the new year. As the big release date nears, he discloses another: “So Afraid” with Alex Metric.

“So Afraid” is decidedly more upbeat than its predecessor, “Teenage Love” with Saint Kenaire. Metric repeatedly asks the listener, “Why you so afraid of love? / Is it ’cause you’ve too much? / Is it ’cause you’ve had enough?” as AMTRAC delivers blissful builds and a merry piano melody.

Oddyssey is available for pre-order here.

Photo credit: Grant Spanier

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