Biicla crafts halcyon sound on new single, ‘Deeper’6

Biicla crafts halcyon sound on new single, ‘Deeper’

Biicla‘s genre-blending, envelope-pushing production tendencies extend on “Deeper,” a MODENESS-assisted showing that sees the Russian electronic experimentalist embrace mid-tempo technics. Although Biicla has three one offs tucked in his back pocket in idiosyncratic style (see “No Place,” “Girl,” and “Heart & Stay“), with “Deeper,” it becomes increasingly evident that listeners can never truly sonically anticipate what Biicla will next craft–and that might just be the heart of Biicla’s artistic allure.

While creating this track, I was trying to make it sound as soft as [releases from the] 2000s.¬†For me, [‘Deeper’ is] something really special because it perfectly combines the narrative line with the conceptual idea.


Decidedly softer in sound than some of Biicla’s stentorian releases, “Deeper” is more muted in its chord engagements and overall arrangement. It’s not showy nor bombastic, a musical characteristic that, at times, can be pervasively absent from the dance circuit.

In its connection of bass that feels as if its been thrust under water with quietly lush synths that break down in slinky processions, “Deeper” is emblematic of Biicla’s not so secret weapon: the evergreen ability to reinvent his sound with each successive single.

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