Blow a kiss, fire a gun—’Lean On’ is 5 years oldDiplo Lean On

Blow a kiss, fire a gun—’Lean On’ is 5 years old

On March 2, 2015, Major Lazer, DJ Snake, and released to the world a song that would take over the airwaves and become one of the most recognizable melodies in electronic music: “Lean On.”

During the first eight months after its release, “Lean On” became Spotify’s most streamed song of all time with 526 million streams. It dominated the 2015 festival circuit and can still be heard in sets years later. Today, it’s still the 13th most-streamed song on Spotify, clocking at 1.3 billion streams as of January 2020.

The music video followed the song’s initial reveal and was released at the end of March 2015. Along with the song, the video, too, saw great success and today has 2.7 billion views.

In a social media post a few years ago, Diplo reflected on “Lean On” joining the 1 billion YouTube streams club:

“We made this video in India on a limited budget during a couple of off days between tour dates in India, no giant label planned it.. It was literally improvised and made up in a few hours.. Actually like 24 hours. We shot from sunrise to sunrise the next morning, it was so tiring that the dancers & everyone on set were sleeping between the takes. In fact, the choreography was more or less created on site and we all were just trying to learn between takes as well.”

Celebrate this milestone by reliving “Lean On” in all its irresistibly dance-able glory.

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