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BROHUG instates approaching four-track mixtape with ‘Party Out’

After clearing out nearly 10 sweltering releases throughout the final year of the 2010s, BROHUG¬†are already taking aim at trampling that counter with their third release in nearly two months time. Succeeding back-to-back collaborations in “1990” with Kaskade as well as “Preacher” beside Loge21, BROHUG are breaking the solitary ice with “Party Out” to lead a new four-single mixtape that’s slotted for release on March 27.

The Swedish house allies, while notably remaining the only pure form of its kind at the moment, have eluded any hesitation when it comes to regularly churning out blue-chip productions. “Party Out” naturally sets the proper tone for the trio’s brewing project as they inject another healthy dose of their indisputable bass house spirit.

If BROHUG’s past release record is any surefire indication of what’s to come, March 27 will remain far from the concluding time that the trio brings forth new music in 2020.

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