Carl Cox drops first new single in two years, ‘PURE (El Rancho Mix)’ [Stream]Light6 023

Carl Cox drops first new single in two years, ‘PURE (El Rancho Mix)’ [Stream]

Though widely regarded as the King of Techno, these days Carl Cox isn’t putting out much new music, though when he does, it’s undoubtedly worth your attention. His latest single, entitled “PURE (El Rancho Mix)” is Cox’s first new material in more than two years. Most artists need to put out a much more steady stream of releases in order to keep up with the rapid pace of the industry. But then again… most artists aren’t Carl Cox.

This track defines what thousands, if not millions of dancers have come to expect from Carl Cox. Speaking on the new release, Cox is obviously enjoying being back in the saddle, even if its only for a one-off single.

“This techno beast is my first solo release in some time and I’ve already secretly tried and tested it at my appearances around the globe, people have been going wild when it drops! It’s a real thrill to see the crowd reaction when I drop PURE into the mix. The thing about this one is that it grabs hold with a million techno-tentacles and won’t let go! Even I can’t resist when it comes on!”

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