Dillon Francis puts his own spin on Sofi Tukker’s ‘Purple Hat’Dillon Francis Green Rukes

Dillon Francis puts his own spin on Sofi Tukker’s ‘Purple Hat’

Sofi Tukker‘s “Purple Hat” is one of hottest vocal commodities on the market, and Dillon Francis wanted to play. Not sparing the catchy “p” sounds, he bounces a springy bass along with some snaps and lets those vocals shine because they deserve it. Then a bed of lush chords slowly lift from underneath, dropping listeners heads through an similar badass, gritty, warehouse bass.

This year, Francis released a grip of remixes to his Magic Is Real project, with works from Black Caviar, Beauty Brain, Shndō, King Arthur, and Kevin Aleksander.

The Sofi Tukker duo are headlining festivals for a reason, with breakout hit after breakout hit, starting back in 2015 with the Grammy-nominated “Drinkee,” which started a slew of jungle-pop with Brazilian sounds and playful Portuguese tones.

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