Diplo announces nightly ‘Corona Sabbath’ livestreams amid ongoing COVID-19 quarantinesDiplo Mon MVMT18 Bryan Mitchell 199 E1550595859347

Diplo announces nightly ‘Corona Sabbath’ livestreams amid ongoing COVID-19 quarantines

Diplo is the hero we need in these uncertain times. Never one to let a good opportunity pass him by, the Major Lazer frontman recently held a “Corona Sabbath” livestream at home with his group to showcase new material from the Peace is the Mission outfit. If anything else, the livestream was an easy way to take our collective minds off of the looming quarantines as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, with events cancelled across the board, and many of us confined to our homes, Diplo is reaching out to the masses with nightly “Corona Sabbaths” until regularity is restored.

Following festival season’s total cancellation, we’re going to see the music industry get incredibly innovative in the coming weeks and months. With strictly imposed social distancing measures upon us, artists are going to have to come up with new (old) strategies to connect and engage with fans in this down period. Live streaming, gaming, and other digitalized events are going to begin to spring up to quell the collective boredom, and luckily Diplo is ready to lead the charge.

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