First Listen: Super Duper channels melodic euphoria on double release, ‘Spiritual / All On You’ [Stream]SD 19 3

First Listen: Super Duper channels melodic euphoria on double release, ‘Spiritual / All On You’ [Stream]

Nashville, Tennessee has deep musical roots, though typically they don’t run electronic. However, producer Josh Hawkins, known to many as Super Duper, is doing what he can to change that about Nashville. Standing out in a sea of country and pop genres, Hawkins garnered early support from Sirius XM Chill and entered Spotify’s Viral 50 charts on one of his first singles “Angela.” He’s also been tapped for an official remix of Kasbo‘s hit track “Over You,” with other originals featured by Google, Playstation, ESPN, and more.

His latest release is a twofer release, with a pair of singles blending upbeat synth-work with a bold, downtempo sound. The first arrangement features vocalist Mr Gabriel, most well-known for his Jai Wolf collaboration “Starlight” and writing credits for A-list artists like Dua Lipa and MAX. “Spiritual” is a melodic dreamscape with harmonized leads and cheery vocals from Gabriel, taking listeners on an emotion-filled journey.

The second single, “All On You,” is a bit faster in nature, established as the clear dance-floor track with a focus on organic percussion, euphoric piano riffs, and a howling lyric. Hawkins had some words on the release:

“‘Spiritual’ came about from the very first session I had with Mr Gabriel…The main pieces of the song came together so quickly and I think it’s because we were both so inspired at that moment. Always exciting when you feel that creative spark and so you try to move fast enough to capture it all…’All On You’ started as just a piano and vocal. Very simple and beautiful…Wanted it feel like a ballad that someone could breakdance to haha. A weird combination but I always love juxtaposition like that in music.

Super Duper will embark on Shallou‘s “Magical Thinking” tour as direct support on select dates in May 2020. Past live support includes The Chainsmokers, Petit Biscuit, and Big Wild.

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