Josh Pan releases extraordinary electronic R&B cooler, ‘Show You’ produced by Flawed MangoesJoshpan

Josh Pan releases extraordinary electronic R&B cooler, ‘Show You’ produced by Flawed Mangoes

Josh Pan releases an amorphous amalgamation of styles alongside emerging talent Flawed Mangoes on the new joint single, “Show You.” Featuring Pan’s signature scintillating vocals caressed through delicate melodies and sweeping ambiance, the production falls on a percussion-filled arrangement with fluttering harmonies and complex hi-hat syncopation.

“Show You” is the newest material from the Ultra Music subsidiary Next Wave Records’ mixtape series. The tune follows pan’s OWSLA-backed This Car Needs Some Wheels joint LP with Dylan Brady that demonstrated the skilled producer’s ability to craft a diligent vocal project after a solid repertoire in the bass space.

“Show you” was born after pan uploaded acapellas on SoundCloud for producers to shot their shot. Flawed Mangoes stood out from the crowd, and one thing led to another. The rising producer passed along a quote in a press release,  

“I felt like the song was going in a more indie/alternative direction with Josh’s melodic vocals. Since I come from a band background, I immediately thought to have a guitar be the focus of the production, while still keeping the vibe of an electronic/r&b track overall. When I make music I try to focus on directions and techniques that are novel to me, while still trying to keep my own personal stylistic choices intact. Pushing yourself into unfamiliar territory is the only consistent way I’ve found to develop new ideas, and to carve out a sound of my own.”

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