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KSHMR tries his hand at K-pop with SHAUN & Advance remix

“My Bad” was a hit from the start. Forged by electronic/K-pop crossover artists SHAUN and Advance, the Spinnin’ Asia single is a quintessential representiation of the easygoing pop EDM style currently dominating airwaves. KSHMR emulates this approach in his rendition, kicking up energy levels just slightly with added instrumental layers and pitched-up vocals. He also adds in Julie Bergan’s talents for a brand new harmonic layer. That said, these changes are hardly overpowering; they fit perfectly within the mold and tone set by the song’s originators and make for a palatable remix overall.

SHAUN has earned acclaim in the East Asian circuit as a strong vocal force with a penchant for conjuring singalong stadium moments, while Advance have been on the rise in the DJ circuit. KSHMR has been keeping busy himself, coming off a year of sonic experimentation that included a live orchestral show and forays into multiple ends of the genre spectrum.

Photo credit: Pat Beaudry

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