Laidback Luke employs the collaborative spirit with his latest ‘B2B’ EPLaidbackLuke TimSnow 20140816 3

Laidback Luke employs the collaborative spirit with his latest ‘B2B’ EP

Laidback Luke returns to his very own Mixmash Records with the collaborative B2B EP—a trio of main stage-ready house smashers that are perfect for peak hours.

Few DJs know how to trim the fat quite like Laidback Luke, as the three track B2B EP gets straight to the point with its sub-seven-minute runtime. The opening song, “Bass Test,” welcomes back Mark Bale, who’s been invited back to Luke’s world of electro-house rompers following the success of their “Party Starter” tune last year. Their latest effort together utilizes big-room horns for a maximal build up before living up to its name with a mind-rattling drop. Also invited as collaborators on the release are Russia’s Swanky Tunes, who joins forces with Luke for a ripping piano-house DJ tool in “The Illest,” and Funky Craig, who assists in prepping a festival-ready monster that manages to walk the line between tech and big-room house.

With all meat and no potatoes, the B2B EP is well worth your time. Listen in full below.

Featured image: Tim Snow

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