longstoryshort unveils chameleonic EP, ‘Chapter 1 (WARFARE)’ [Stream]DSC2842

longstoryshort unveils chameleonic EP, ‘Chapter 1 (WARFARE)’ [Stream]

With sharp, piercing synths, rumbling bass lines, and a cerebral approach to hybridization of future bass and bass house, longstoryshort scripts Chapter 1 (WARFARE). The climactic extension of the low-end navigation that ensued on the preluding title track in January, Chapter 1 (WARFARE) dynamically foregrounds longstoryshort’s versatility.

Although longstoryshort has asserted heavy, bass laden productions to be one of his fortes, the EP is revelatory of other sonic strengths that the producer possesses, but has not demonstrated across an extended format. “INTRO (WHEN I REMEMBER)” serves as an example. The gossamer chords of the introductory number provide an ambient opening to the project that, in being devoid of bass, shows that longstoryshort’s talents are not limited to the low end. The distinctive whirring of a New York public transit car, placed in the first few seconds of “INTRO (WHEN I REMEMBER)” are in homage to longstoryshort’s city roots, a musical nod to his origin.

From a high-octane edit of SNBRN’s “Never Let You Go” that holds an edgy presence on the EP due in part to its play with shrill synths, to the languid, downtempo technics of Chapter 1 (WARFARE) on its closing cut, “DISTANT PRAYER,” the EP exemplifies the chameleonic character of longstoryshort’s style. In this way, streaming the EP is an exploratory endeavor that, by production’s end, satiates the electronic enthusiasts who seek something more than the familiar constructions of dance sound.

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