MineSweepa releases formidable trap heater, ‘Voodoo’Press Photo 3

MineSweepa releases formidable trap heater, ‘Voodoo’

Dominating 2020 already, MineSweepa has just dropped his latest trap anthem—and it’s absolutely evil. MineSweepa has been on a roll lately, recently dropping a lighthearted remix of Lil B on his secondary Soundcloud page and an official collaboration with renowned producer Tisoki to celebrate their North American tour. The red-haired trap demon also dropped bombs at massive festivals last year such as Excision‘s Lost Lands and Countdown. His newest cut, “Voodoo,” is sure to be making the rounds in bass sets across the country.

Utilizing his signature percussive trap sound, modulated vocals top massive subs and tight drums, effectively casting a spell on the listener. This devilishly good trap release is just a sliver of what is to come for MineSweepa in 2020.

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