Montell2099 joins ‘FORCES’ with RL Grime on trap anthem from must-listen debut EPMontell2099 01

Montell2099 joins ‘FORCES’ with RL Grime on trap anthem from must-listen debut EP

RL Grime enters the 2020 production ring alongside production powerhouse Montell2099 via “RUSYNTH.” The single arrives as part of the latter’s FORCES EP.

The Sable Valley kitchen doesn’t serve up average cuts. Its bread and butter is featuring some of the rawest sounds in familiar format; in this case, electronic trap. The label boss’ “RUSYNTH” rendezvous offers the style’s quintessential, larger-than-life euphoric trap vibration with an infectious melody. There’s little doubt these two artists have a festival anthem on their hands.

Proceeding track “BURNA” opens with industrial rock with a haunting melody. The proof was in the pudding and listeners are dropped through ear tickling synths dancing on thick bass and ethereal tones.

After those back-to-back trap monstrosities, it’s time for a rest, which what the comforting introduction to “INSOMNIA” leads one to believe. It turns out Montell2099 was deceiving his audiences, after all. A unique sound design on the lead synth is another mark for the production talents of RL Grime’s protégé.

“I first found Montell through his track SuSu, I put it in one of my Halloween mixes and started playing it out at festivals as well,” RL Grime told DA. “We began talking over the internet and eventually linked up when I was on tour in New Zealand. We got along great and fuck with a lot of the same music so our relationship just began to grow organically. He’s an immensely talented producer and overall great human being so getting him involved with Sable was a no-brainer.”

“STARS” was the first Sable Valley release in 2020, illuminating a new path for heavily experimental electronic trap in the new decade. It’s a bright but bombastic scene of tantalizing high ends and thunderous lows.

Montell2099 sent a quote in a press release about “RUSYNTH”:

“I’ve been following RL Grime for a long time now, so for him to mess with my music is an honor. Seeing the label come together has been dope to watch, it feels like a breath of fresh air in the electronic music landscape. I was in LA a year ago and we ended up linking up at his crib. We worked on ‘RUSYNTH’ from there. I think people can listen to the track and distinguish who did what. Henry just knows what works and what doesn’t – you only get that from experience.”

He continues about the EP in its entirety:

“It feels like the start of a new chapter for me. This EP is definitely a time stamp in my discography, I can look back on it and get a feel for where I was at musically. I’m excited to keep progressing and evolving from here.”

Montell2099 was the the first New Zealander to be booked for Tomorrowland, providing direct support for What So Not’s current Australian tour. He uses Ben Dalgleish’s visuals, the creative collaborator for RL Grime, Travis Scott, Post Malone and various other big shots. Montell2099 also did official remixes for Charli XCX and Troye Sivan, Diplo and Trippie Redd, RL Grime with Jeremih and Tory Lanez, Lorde, Louis the Child, Netsky with Lil Wayne and Bazzi, and many more. And he has an original with 21 Savage.

RL Grime’s shop is open for business.

Photo credit Jas Davis

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