Opiuo and CloZee share new mix, dish on details of upcoming Red Rocks co-headline [Q+A]Opiuo CloZee RR 2020 MI Copy 1

Opiuo and CloZee share new mix, dish on details of upcoming Red Rocks co-headline [Q+A]

When you’re slated to headline at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre, you had better celebrate accordingly, and that’s exactly what Opiuo and CloZee set out to do. The duo are set to headline Red Rocks in late May (yes, it is currently going ahead as scheduled), and to celebrate the event they crafted their first-ever joint mix.

The mix is comprised of thirty minutes of speaker-rattling tracks from the cast slated for the May 28th performance, including tracks from openers LSDREAM, Of The Trees, and K+Lab. Additionally, both headliners threw in a collection of IDs, including a fresh collaborative track and Opiuo’s unreleased remix of “Overture” from the 2014 film Whiplash. Dancing Astronaut caught up with the pair to talk about Red Rocks, their work together, and their contrasting, but complementary musical styles.

Red Rocks is one of the most storied and legendary venues in the world, what does it mean to you to headline the show together? 

Opiuo: To be an honour is an understatement. This is something of a life achievement to me. It’s the most incredible place I’ve ever played, and I’m going to do everything I can to make it my best yet!

CloZee: 10 years ago I used to watch Red Rocks recaps of Pretty Lights while thinking, “this looks unreal, I would love to see a concert here one day!” At that time, CloZee didn’t even exist, I only see America through the movies and I’m just thinking to start producing my own music. I’m listening to a lot of Glitch Hop. Opiuo, KOAN Sound, The Glitch Mob were huge inspiration. So yeah, you can see how big it is for me to co-headline Red Rocks with Opiuo in 2020 haha.

You each have performed at Red Rocks before; what are your favorite memories or stories at the venue? 

Opiuo: The view, nothing beats it! You can see every smiling face in the venue from the stage and damn does it look good! I also love that first scream from the crowd when you play your first song, it feels louder than anywhere in the world.

CloZee: I think my favorite memory was the first time I played Red Rocks in 2018, my family (parents, little brother, little sister) came for the occasion. We were all so happy to share this moment together, and stress together. My dad was dancing, which is pretty big too. 

This is the first mix you have made together, and it came out stunningly. Throughout the mix, you fluidly switch between tempos and energies. How is your approach to crafting mixes different than crafting your live sets?  

Opiuo: Live shows have so many elements all at once, and your senses are on high alert! The sound, visual, lighting, crowds of people all together. So when making a mix I feel it’s important to create the illusion of all those via your own imagination, while the music transports you. It’s a great challenge. 

CloZee: My mixes are usually more “dynamic” and transitions are quicker than my live sets. For the live sets, I’m usually more into the story telling, including breaks,  longer intros and outros. I take my time. I love to do both because they are 2 different approaches.

Both of you threw in some fresh IDs on the mix, including a collaborative track. Any hints on what releases are to come from the two of you? 

Opiuo: I cannot say at this stage, but there is something coming soon!

CloZee: I think our collaboration with Opiuo is our next release for both of us. On my end I have an album coming out this summer, and a couple of remixes from artists I love.

Opiuo, one of the new songs on the mix is your remix of  “Overture” from everyone’s favorite jazz drumming movie, Whiplash. What about the song or the film inspired you to remix it? 

Opiuo: I loved the film, one of the best I had seen that year, so when they asked me to do a remix I jumped at the opportunity. I’m so happy how it turned out, and the challenge was so fun!

You two have been friends for years, does your friendship impact how you work together? Does your work impact your friendship?

Opiuo: I have so much love and respect for Chloe as a person, friend and as an artist. She is super inspiring. It’s so cool to be able to make music with friends, and has been such an enjoyable, easy process with her. Working together only makes our friendship even better!

CloZee: We quickly met the first time at Bonnaroo 2018, and saw each other at festivals around the same year, but we never had the time to actually hang out or know each other. When Oscar knew I was coming to Australia in January 2019, he kindly invited me to stay at his amazing place, and that’s when we became friends and made music together. We were learning to know each other, while doing music, in a way. That was really cool!

Opiuo and CloZee share new mix, dish on details of upcoming Red Rocks co-headline [Q+A]Opiuo Clozee Picture

You each have your own distinct sound and style. When producing, mixing, or performing, what similarities and differences do you see between your two styles? How do your styles come together? 

Opiuo: She’s one of the best at creating beautiful vibes in her music. There is a very obvious difference in what we do, but for some great reason, our music has been working so well together. Maybe the uplifting nature? Maybe the focus on feel good bass? I’m not totally sure, but its been so fun to play shows and make music that’s for sure!

CloZee: While our sounds are very different, I think we drive the same kind of emotions. Opiuo’s music is more uptempo, and has a techno-ish vibe, but while it’s super dance-floor, it still takes you on a big journey. There are breakdowns, uplifting moments, cinematic parts, big drops. I also think our music is very positive, you can really feel the good vibes spreading in concerts.

Many tracks by LSDREAM, Of The Trees and K+Lab are in your mix, and they’ll be joining you at your Red Rocks show. What qualities do you appreciate about their music?

Opiuo: They all have very unique and stand out styles that complement each other in various ways. I love them all for different reasons, but most importantly to me, they are great people with great outlooks on life!

CloZee: I LOVE their music for every aspect and quality. I’m a fan. Period.

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