Pioneer DJ sold once again, this time to Japanese tech companyAP 22EG3431W1W11 Hires Jpeg 24bit Rgb

Pioneer DJ sold once again, this time to Japanese tech company

Following Pioneer DJ’s corporate name change to AlphaTheta last year, the gargantuan DJ equipment titan company has once again undergone change, this time being sold to Japanese photo-processing tech company Noritsu. Assuring consumers that this will not affect the company’s operations, Pioneer DJ released a statement explaining, “Our business, operations, brands, including brand names, will not be affected. We will continue contributing to the music industry with our innovative products and superior service through Pioneer DJ, Rekordbox, KUVO, TORAIZ, Pioneer Professional Audio brands.”

The purchasing company, Noritsu, paid $606 million for the acquisition of Pioneer DJ. Though Noritsu’s regular operations are generally unrelated to DJing or performing, instead working with printing and scanning equipment, and even dabbling in pharmaceuticals. Now, the company’s extensive portfolio will also include the DJ hardware giant as well.

With a new state-of-the-art six-channel mixer and a new version of Rekordbox on the way, 2020 has already proven to be a memorable year for the industry leader.

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