Premiere: Sara Landry – Silicon HexSara Landry Silicon He Art

Premiere: Sara Landry – Silicon Hex

Sara Landry is a new arrival to the techno scene, but her budding oeuvre shows. without question, that the Austin-based producer is anything but an ingenue. Since releasing her first single, “Chasm,” just two years ago, she has swiftly proven her keen knack for building ominous, hectic, acid-infused pieces. 2019 saw Landry break through to a larger audience with her debut EP, Wait, on deadmau5’s coveted mau5trap imprint, which she followed with a sophomore effort, Signal, just a few months thereafter.

On March 27, just weeks before the Texan techno artist was due to make her now-postponed Coachella debut, she will release her third EP, Sacrifice. The two-track record marks Landry’s first output for Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek label, and its contents are precisely as cosmic as the platform might lead one to expect.

“Silicon Hex,” the EP’s b-side, plunges into the dark depths of the cosmos via astronomical vocal samples, dark synthesis, and haunting melodies. At its climax, the track plummets into free-fall, accelerated by its unrelenting kicks and acerbic snares.

Given Landry’s trajectory thus far, it’s not unreasonable to assume that her output over the following months will likely draw a bigger crowd to her October Yuma sets than she could have dreamt of in April.

Preorder the Sacrifice EP on Beatport.

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