Purity Ring deliver moments of peace with new singlePURITY RING Credit CarsonDavisBrown

Purity Ring deliver moments of peace with new single

The arrival of Purity Ring‘s WOMB LP is only a few shorts weeks away, but the Canadian duo are providing fans with further glimpses of its contents with a new single, “peacefall.”

“Peacefall” couldn’t have arrived at a better time, as the music industry struggles to survive in a world wracked by a pandemic. This new single delivers Purity Ring’s signature calming atmospherics and soothing vocals from Megan James and Jonas Bjerre. The three artists bring their listener “into the light” with delicate background piano melodies and dramatic percussion. They also included a brief note on social media, appearing to bring comfort in these troubled times:

hey lonely dears,
to keep you company, here is peacefall

“Peacefall” is the third release from the album and was preceded by “stardew” and “Pink Lightning.” Preorder WOMB here.

Photo credit: Carson Davis Brown

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