Sail the funkiest seas via Duck Sauce’s new single, ‘Captain Duck’Duck Sauce Main Stage Holy Ship Janeoconnor Insomniac Scaled

Sail the funkiest seas via Duck Sauce’s new single, ‘Captain Duck’

Third time’s undoubtedly a charm for A-Trak and Armand Van Helden. The two musical masterminds have just revealed their newest Duck Sauce single by the name of “Captain Duck.”

Like many of their previous works, the new tune is centered on a catchy and brief vocal hook, integrating irresistible disco-house instrumentals and beats. When music lovers are finally able to return to the dance floors around the world, this one’s sure to keep feet shuffling.

“As empathetic Ducks we perceive the troubled vibrations of the world in our feathers,” the duo wrote in a social media post to accompany the release. “We hope this sonnet brings you happiness.”

“Captain Duck” follows January’s “Smiley Face” and February’s “Get To Steppin.” Prior to these releases, the duo hadn’t released new music since 2014. At their current rate, the duo seem to be releasing a single a month, but they haven’t disclosed whether a larger body of work will follow or if the songs are part of a bigger project.

Photo credit: Jane O’Connor

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