Spotify announces the COVID-19 Music Relief projectSpotify COVID 19 Music Relief

Spotify announces the COVID-19 Music Relief project

The music industry is front and center among those immediately impacted by the financial strain of the coronavirus, with every aspect, from performers and publicists, to venues and promoters. Thankfully, streaming giant Spotify is stepping up to do what it can, leading the charge to ignite and unite the industry with the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project. To kickstart the relief project, Spotify has partnered with MusiCares, PRS Foundation, and Help Musicians, each of which focus on helping artists and industry partners in times of need. In addition to making a their own donations to these organizations, Spotify is vowing to match all additional donations made via the project’s page up to a total contribution of $10 million.

Per their official blog post, Spotify is also working to enable direct fundraising from an artist’s page, be it for them, another artist, or a charity that they wish to support, and and is running extended promotions and discounts within Spotify’s Creator Tools programs.

With streaming not only continuing, but likely surging during these times, Spotify lives up to its name as an industry leader by taking the age old advice and leading by example.

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