Steve Aoki pens hit with and K-pop star Lay ZhangRs Steve Aoki Credit Caesar Sebastian E1594228725203

Steve Aoki pens hit with and K-pop star Lay Zhang

Steve Aoki continues his infusion into the pop world, this time combining Eastern and Western stylings for an effervescent new single titled “Love You More.” The single is anchored by K-pop star and EXO group member Lay Zhang, whose impassioned vocals flow smoothly atop the minimal, but buzzing foundation that Aoki crafted beneath. Where Zhang adds emotion, adds energy by way an autotuned rap verse and the occasional adlib. It does well in stirring euphoria, and will thus be widely appreciated during a particularly dreary period for the globe.

“Love You More” is out now as a single, and offers a taste of what’s to come on Aoki’s upcoming Neon Future IV LP—due on April 3.

Photo credit: Caesar Sebastian

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