Tim Green entrances with debut All Day I Dream EP, ‘Vacation To Life’Tim Green Credit Facebook

Tim Green entrances with debut All Day I Dream EP, ‘Vacation To Life’

Vacation To Life arrives on All Day I Dream just as people are craving a much-needed bit of light. The EP, Tim Green‘s first on the label, offers an escape into bright soundscapes and uplifts moods with its harmonies and abundant layers.

Kicking off the journey is Vacation To Life‘s title track, which hypnotizes with twinkling synths and tribal percussion. A captivating hook played by steel drums and ethereal vocal samples lacing the background add to the track’s breezy overtones. Then comes the tranquil “Cedar,” with its vibrant bassline and touches of melancholic notation. “Light Eyes,” a favorite in Green’s Burning Man rotation, closes things out on a euphoric note with hearty analog plucks, stringed padding, and soft chords.

Over time, Tim has felt a deepened connection with these lusher, daytime-oriented sonics, and Vacation To Life sees him mastering this direction across all three of its tracks. It’s a fitting follow-up to “Sowa”—his debut single on All Day I Dream—and ther start of what’s looking to be a bountiful relationship between the artist and label.

Photo credit: Facebook/TimGreenMusic

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