Watch ZHU deliver a majestic mountaintop performance for CercleZhu CERCLE Via Twitter

Watch ZHU deliver a majestic mountaintop performance for Cercle

Cercle is quickly building a reputation as the most astonishing group curating live electronic music performance experiences. From the shores of Bali to the Château de Chambord, their sets never fail to amaze. With their latest performance, Cercle‘s creative ambition has found an equal in ZHU‘s elegant and impactful musical production. From the Hakuba Iwatake resort high in the mountains of west-central Japan, the Ringo’s Desert producer weaves together a set full of deep, driving rhythms while higher pitched synths, pads and instrumentation fill the atmosphere as only ZHU can.

Both Cercle and ZHU have big plans in 2020 following their collaborative effort. On May 30 – 31, Cercle Festival 2020 takes of the French Air and Space Museum, where the likes of Jeremy Olander and Charlotte de Witte are set to perform. Meanwhile, ZHU announced on social media that he’ll be dropping a new album in 2020, but with no release dates announced we’ll have to savor the unreleased tracks he played in his latest set to tide us over for now.

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