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Aphex Twin reveals six new tracks

Since the 2018 Collapse EP, Aphex Twin‘s SoundCloud page has lain dormant. What hasn’t remained dormant, though, is the SoundCloud profile of user18081971.

The renowned artist has taken to uploading to the alternative SoundCloud profile periodically, garnering nearly as many followers on the nondescript page as on the official one.

User18081971 recently blessed the world with six new tracks uploaded over the course of the past week, beginning on April 2. The tracks have trickled out gradually, starting with the three-minute “m11st lon” and ending with the most recent upload, “qu 1,” which debuted on April 6. The songs range in tone from contemplative and melancholy to the ’80s-leaning “tha2.”

Stream nearly a half hour of new Aphex Twin music below.

Photo credit: Tony Soave

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