ATLiens share exceptionally creative ‘Montauk Project’ EPCopy Of ATLiens Beachside

ATLiens share exceptionally creative ‘Montauk Project’ EP

Known for their firm creative chops in the trap and bass space, masked duo ATLiens has raised the bar once again with their new collection of experimental trap cuts titled Montauk Project. Featuring two previously released singles, “Brainwashed” and “Meltdown,” as well as new songs “Chimera” and “Neutralized, Montauk Project is a wild journey from beginning to end.

From the creative drum samples in “Brainwashed” to the eerie, faded melody in “Chimera,” ATLiens’ tight-knit production style is highlighted in every aspect of the project. In bass music territory, where loudness and fullness are equated to quality, ATLiens challenge this notion with an intentional emptiness baked into each of the four pieces. Adding to the project’s overall atmosphere, these hollow points almost bring about a sense of fear and discomfort, a testament to the extraterrestrial entities’ unique sonic branding.

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